Dr. Kimberlee Goodman is a native of Arizona.  She has lived in Columbus, Ohio for more than a decade where she is an avid performer, educator, and advocate for the arts.  She has been on the faculty of Otterbein University, in Westerville, Ohio since 2005.  In her role as a Senior Lecturer at Otterbein University, she has taught:  private flute lessons, flute choir, woodwind quintet, world music, music appreciation, music theory, and ear training and sight singing.   She has created 3 courses for the university that she currently teaches.  In 2014, Dr. Goodman was nominated for a teaching award.  Dr. Goodman will be hosting her 5th Annual High School Flute Choir Day at Otterbein in January of 2015.  She has also taught a course at The Ohio State University entitled, “Navigating a Career in Music” and has taught several music appreciation courses for the LifeLong Learners Institute.  …read more

Kimberlee Goodman


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